Oxford Industries was forged in 1942 and has been one of the most successful southern born and bred international apparel design, sourcing and marketing companies for the last 75 years. Oxford Industries has enjoyed the benefits of being a publicly owned company without sacrificing the nimbleness and ability to pivot into an ever-changing future.

Oxford is a reimagined lifestyle brand that continues Oxford Industries’ legacy of building the finest sportswear brands on the market. Our rich tradition of crafting quality clothing for customers who appreciate value is the driving force behind everything we do. Oxford pulls inspiration from the exceptional players in sport and in business who always bet on themselves. We are a company that believes it’s never a gamble if you’ve done the work. The horseshoe logo is a symbol of the luck that favors those who relentlessly prepare.

Oxford designs clothing for men who expect only the best in quality and value.  A rich passion for tradition runs through every thread, stitching together a legacy of performance from the golf course to the board room.  Our innovative clothes equip you to take the reins and make your own luck - in business and in life.  Oxford designs the clothes that make the man. We invite you to make today lucky.